I did not feel for awhile  that my efforts to translate this book is come under the framework of a career or a job ; on the contrary I felt as the lonely listener to a symphony which escaped from heavens , and I hope to share this feeling and this bouquet  with poetry sons.

The poet of these stanzas is  wearing light’s soul to show us every aspect

Of jewel (life) with  different color , with a shape we could not ever  see or even  imagine ; to entertain our souls reading a book of wisdom with a rainbow cover.

these poems were created by a flying  soul ; and flying souls have wings which embrace  air and have an ultimate ability to see the world comprehensively and deeply at the same time and this is what make these poems  universal innately and timeless undoubtedly .

the extraordinary  writings of the poet make surrealism sighs deeply and make beauty suckle  its features  from the bosom of perfume ; and I think  : if  poetry was not shocking and surprising as miracles; it should change his name or even resign.

I will offer you a poet’s  breaths;  who writes  imagination biography with his senses and writes  poetry biography as we want it to be.

At the end I would like to say that the poems you will read here o lover of words’ waves are not just poems …..these are the real poems

translator -Shorok Hamod


The more I hurry

Give words back to

Into their barracks


My points

Onto your letters,


the Body will flow

With legends


The eyes are full of  you

While you are naked.

Even if cotton


In your pores


Everything ascends to the top.

Blood to the head.

Lust’s tinkle

To the well.